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  Upholstery Cleaning Services
  Regular upholstery cleaning prolongs the life of your upholstered furniture.
And with water, smoke and fire situations, upholstery can often be cleaned and
deodorized, restoring them to pre-loss condition. ServiceMaster uses both
truckmount and portable systems, giving us the flexibility to choose the best
method for your individual situation.
Our upholstery cleaning techs know exactly how to restore the furnishings of
your indoor environment.

Every technician has been expertly trained so you can expect to save money
over expensive replacement. In the workplace, fabric furnishings get heavy use
and can show soil and dirt quickly.
Our professionals are experts at selecting the correct cleaning system for
particular fabric types and soil conditions.
We also can provide on-site dry cleaning for sensitive fabrics and draperies to
protect your investment.
ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services

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