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ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services is an independent business licensed to serve you by ServiceMaster Restore.
The ServiceMaster Restore
Quality Restoration Vendor Guarantee
We will answer Emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and
contact the customer within 60 minutes of receiving the initial call to schedule an appointment.
We will begin emergency services, when required, within two to four hours of the initial call.
We will provide a written report within 24 hours after receiving the initial call. We will keep the
customer informed, as needed, on the progress of each claim.
We will provide an estimate along with complete documentation and photos within five days of
receiving the claim.
We will demonstrate our professionalism by delivering our services on time with ServiceMaster
Clean identified vehicles, uniformed and well-trained employees, and quality ServiceMaster Restore
products and equipment.
We will employ the utmost integrity in pricing and service. We will provide the insured with quality
work and service while striving to control the cost of each job.
We will do the work right the first time or do it over, no questions asked.
Whether you need commercial cleanup, residential carpet care, or construction site cleanup, Sharon and
her team are ready, willing and able to make sure you are completely satisfied.
ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services

Call us toll free at : ( 855 ) 365-7477 or for non-emergency inquiries,
...or contact us by email at  DR_MGR@servicemasterdr.com
( 262 ) 723 - 4444
855 365 7477