DO's  and  DON'Ts
Do Not
Stay out of the affected area(s)
and as far away as possible.
Do not attempt any clean-up.
Turn off the heating and air
conditioning systems.
Do not touch anything, even with gloves on.
Do not use any personal toiletry.
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  Biohazard cleanup
  These are typically substances, items, liquids, etc. that pose a significant and
immediate health risk to humans. The ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services
team is trained and certified in containing biohazard threats, remove biohazardous
materials and dispose of them properly according to EPA, OSHA and health
ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services deals with biohazards such as:
  H1N1 Virus containment
  Noro Virus mitigation
  Hoarding and gross filth
  Industrial accidents
  Tear Gas Cleaning
Our biohazard team has the tools and training to keep you, your family, your office,
your customers, and your community safe. Call ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration
Services immediately if you suspect a biohazardous threat.
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